FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is this program designed to do?

    Impart respect, values, emotional intelligence, self-protection, life skills, physical fitness, confidence and self-awareness.

What differentiates the ADAPTS 360 program from MAMBEC?

    ADAPTS 360 uses an all inclusive feedback system with every party, child, parents, instructors, providing feedback. Everyone in the circle get's input into the program, hence ADAPTS 360. The program is structured in four week blocks. The instructor to student ratio is significantly higher so each child will receive individual instruction as necessary. Our delivery method is more visual and responsive to individual sensitivity and needs.

Which program should my child be in, MAMBEC or AHC? Can my child change if needed? 

    YES your child will be evaluated to determine suitability at belt advancement

What type of results should I expect as my child progresses through the program?

    All children progress at different paces, the key is to continue to embrace and encourage your child to develop.


    Christina and Don Goulden (Parents)

    July 23, 2013

    I wish to commend you for the amazing program you offer. Your instructors are compassionate, respectful and knowledgeable. The program focus on Martial Arts with social skills was perfect for our family.

    Over the last few years our son has attended the day camps, summer camps and regular program. As a child with ADHD, the program has been a huge success for him. He has gone from being a regular student to growing into a leadership role.

    We have seen him gain confidence and self esteem as he has progressed through the program. As he mastered each new skill and progresses through the belts, we can see how proud he is of the accomplishment. He is now approaching conflict in a non-aggressive manner, using the other methods he learned in the program. The physical activity and outlet for the excess energy is a great benefit to him.

    Because of his success and enjoyment of the program, our daughter now attends the Summer Camps and she too loves the program.

    Your program is second to none and the confidence we have in the program and its instructors only grows each day.


    Christina and Don Goulden

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