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    Mission Statement

    Within a structured learning environment and with adaptive life skills programs at its core, AHC will help the MENTAL and PHYSICAL development of the students. AHC will partner with parents/guardians, educators, community and health professionals in a safe, proactive learning environment.


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    To provide not-for-profit programs for children within the community.

    To provide funding to train Black Belt students enhancing and improving their teaching and develop leadership qualities.

    To develop teaching techniques appropriate for children with ADD/ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, High-Functioning Autism and Environmental Issues.

    To help financially challenged students enroll in martial arts programs who might otherwise not be able to afford tuition fees.

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    We adapted the lesson plans for the students to fit their learning styles, but also because the class consisted of students at different martial art skill level. As the classes continued, the students increased their martial art skill level. Another gain was noted throughout the course of the program, in that the students had become a close group of friends. These friendships created a fun and relaxed atmosphere, which allowed for focused learning that was not possible for these children in the mainstream program.

To register, or for more information, please call 488-6779. Or visit our new Facebook page.


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Silent Auction

Our Silent Auction was a success, raising over $3,000! Thanks to everyone who came by to look and place a bid. Of course, we couldn't have done it without all the generous donations from the community. Our thanks go out to Mighty Auto, O'Reagan's Toyota, Pole Catz, Cole Harbour Place, Minute Man Press, Napa Auto, Integrated Health, Woody's BBQ, Sun Swirl, Richardson Law, Finbar's Irish Pub, CHP Physiotherapy and Rehab, Brina Norman Spa, MAMBEC, Hinkle, Canadian Tire, the Pump House Brewery, Bailee Boos, Starbucks, CIBC, Maritime Travel, Health Basket, the Bombay Company,  Boston Pizza, Jamieson's Pub, Kara's Urban Day Spa, Shauna Proctor, Jitka Krejci, Lavonne Carroll, Steve Garvey, Mike Cleary, Angie Cleary, Danny Cleary, Bruce MacDonald, Darian Ozon, Janet Ozon, Collen Murphy, Julia Murphy, Olivia Murphy, Hudson Silver, Phil Silver, Clair O'Brien, Jack O'Brien, Ian Johnston, Dorothy Johnston, and Richard Johnston.

We have also been actively applying for grants, and received our first grant from Manulife Financial. So big thanks to them!


In partnership with MAMBEC, we've developed the ADAPTS 360 program. It is a Martial Art program that uses Adaptive Development and Parent Teaching System with a 360 degree approach. It involves every party, children, parents, and instructors in giving and receiving feedback. This is our pilot project in providing a recreational and educational program for children with challenges. Coaching and training for the children is facilitated by Black Belt Coaches using instruction developed specifically for these children. The ADAPTS program provides techniques with an integrated team to ensure professionalism and achieve our goals.

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See the ADAPTS 360 class in action!

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Meet the team of instructors for the ADAPTS 360 program.

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Martial Art Mind and Body Education Centre. Our partner in providing martial arts instruction.

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